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Mettler Sonicator 941 – Combination Therapy

New Product. Mettler Sonicator Plus 941 – 4 Channel Combination Therapy Unit.

The SonicatorĀ® Plus 941 is a 4-channel combination stimulator with ultrasound. It features a vivid color touch screen for quick and easy treatment setups. The 941 offers 6 unique waveforms; Interferential (IF-4), Premodulated (IF-2), EMS, Russian, TENS and High Voltage (HV). The easy-to-use software interface allows for quick set up, precision and clinical accuracy. The Sonicator Plus 941 offers an anatomical library with electrode placement and treatment recommendations. All treatment recommendations are written by clinicians. There is space for the clinician to store and use specific treatment protocols along with a description for each. This is a tremendous combination device for any practice. With 6 clinical waveforms and 1 and 3 MHz frequency ultrasound, the 941 is one of the most advanced units on the market.