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Standard Rebounder = Circular w/5 balls

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CanDo Circular Ball Rebounder, 5-Piece Set (1 ea: 2, 4, 7, 11, 15 lb.):

The CanDo Circular Ball Rebounder, which has a built-in rack, is ideal for physical therapy, rehabilitation and training sessions to improve strength, reflexes and coordination. The rebounder and balls are a fun way to improve conditioning, hand-eye coordination and lateral movements. The rebounding area is a generous 27″ (diagonally) attached by springs to  a 36.5″ x 36″ frame that tops out at 3.5′ tall. The angle of inclination adjusts from 0- 42 degrees, making this the perfect athletic trainer. The weighted physical therapy balls are versatile as well. With a partner to throw with, the rebounder isn’t even needed. With rounded corners and a foam-covered handle, the rebounder is safe for all home and multi-use environments. This set comes complete with the rebounder and 5 balls (2, 4, 7, 11, 15 lbs. each). The rebounder offers a wide variety of benefits to the user. Together, the rebounder and balls work collectively to assist users in improving agility, range-of-motion and upper body fitness. This unit fits and works perfectly indoors or out, in multi-user environments like clinics or gyms or in your own home. The unique design means that it is sturdy enough for balls to be thrown at it, yet it’s light enough to be moved easily from room to room. Throwing and catching improves reflexes, coordination, conditioning and speed. It’s also excellent to loosen and strengthen shoulders. Like the angle of the rebounder, the balls are adjustable too in terms of how full they are inflated. Under-inflate the balls for rebounds to fall short, requiring shorter reaction-time to be caught. Or inflate the balls fully for quicker rebounds. The balls, which are color-coded based on weight, contain dry natural rubber.

Dimensions: 39″ x 42″ x 36″

Weight: 100 lbs

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